About HAC_R


HAC_R has been nurturing creative talent for almost 20 years. It is the only school authorized to award an official and recognized degree in Fashion Design in Aragon.

We maintain a great reputation amongst fashion and design companies nationwide.

Located in Zaragoza, right in the middle, we are an excellent alternative to Madrid and Barcelona, offering the best of Spanish fashion design characterized by both craftsmanship and innovation.

We encourage you to contact us at info@hacercreativo.com or come and meet us at our new campus.

What we do

We train the best future fashion designers with the EBI system, a unique methodology (http://proyectoebi.com/) that encourages individual monitoring and reinforces student’s personal strengths and interests. Alongside, at HAC_R we integrate the current trends and demands of the fashion industry in our classrooms, offering a very practical and work-oriented training.