Discover Zaragoza

Here are several reasons why you should consider Spain as your preferred destination for your future studies:

  • Spain is the number 1 destination among Erasmus students in Europe.
  • Spain is one of the most inexpensive countries in the EU.
  • Spain offers a very high quality, flexible and affordable educational system.
  • You will find yourself in one of the top tourist destinations in Europe!

The city of Zaragoza is the capital of the region of Aragon and you will find yourself in a dynamic, modern and very well connected European city.  Its present name comes from the old Roman place-name, August Caesar, name that the emperor August Caesar gave to his city in 24 A.C.  Zaragoza is the fifth Spanish city in terms of population and the fourth in economic activity. Zaragoza is an active and safe student city with plenty of cultural and social opportunities for any young student. Madrid and Barcelona are a little more than 1 hour by the high-speed train AVE, and the Zaragoza international airport services other main cities such as Paris, Milan, London, Bucharest, etc.

Discover Zaragoza

You will be part of a new international campus within the city centre and have the opportunity to enjoy a typical Spanish life style full of lively events, excellent weather and rich culture.

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