Isabel Aparicio

Audiovisual media and Graphic design
Isabel holds a Degree in Audiovisual Communication (Universidad Complutense) and is a member of the Association of Journalists of Aragon. She also studied Film making and production at the School of Cinema and Theater Metropolis c.e. (Madrid). She has worked for several audiovisual companies such as Localia (Grupo Prisa) and Globomedia and participated in numerous short films. Currently works as a a journalist presenting “Zaragoza al Dia”.


Alfredo Ballestin

Art history
He holds s Bachelors of Philosophy and Letters and a PhD in History. He has always taught subjects related to the Arts, History and Symbolism at the University of Zaragoza as well as at HC. His published work specialises in Symbolism and Traditional knowledge. He also was awarded a Erasmus Project grant which allowed him to stay as a researcher at the University of the Sorbonne (Paris IV), and the Universities of Tor Vergara and Gregoriana (Rome).


Miriam Batanero

Materials, fibres and textiles
She is an Industrial Engineer and holds a Masters degree in teaching, as well as specialized training in automation and textiles. She has developed her professional career in the energy and logistics sectors. For more than ten years, Miriam has combined these activities with teaching at different levels and for different schools in the fields of technology and science.


Raquel Gálvez

Integrated Interdisciplinary Projects
Raquel is a Fashion Designer specialised in Marketing and Communications, Photography and Art Direction. She is passionate about the transient image and good music. She combines teaching with several projects related to design, photography and cinema.


Rafa Gómez

Photography applied to multimedia design
He is an Engineer in Industrial Organization and a Technical Industrial  Engineer. Rafa is aldo a professional photographer who combines professional photography with teaching. You can enjoy his work at www.articimagen.com


Andrés Jarabo

Projects. Styling and communication
He was initially trained at the School of Art and Crafts of Zaragoza. Later he graduate in Fine Arts by UCLM university. Andrés is passionate about design and uses the field of fashion as a platform for his artistic expression, where he mixes different creative disciplines. He collaborates regularly with dance, theater and film companies. He has received several fashion awards (BIAAF, TENERIFE MODA, INJUVE, ISABEL DE ARAGON, IAJ …) and since 2004 she runs his own clothing brand www.humo.it


Antonio Lite

CAD and multimedia design
he holds a degree in IT. and specialised in digital communication. He has worked for more than 20 years as a consultant in online communication, website optimization and positioning, e-commerce and web analytics, during which time he has also taught in university centers and business schools. He is an expert in positioning websites and content in Russian.


Carlos Marin

Representation systems. Design anagement. Science applied to design
Carlos is an Industrial Technical Engineer and holds a Master in Industrial Organization, a Master in Prevention of occupational risks, an MBA, and is also a Certified Coach with AECOP. He has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing companies in the areas of management and people management and 16 years of teaching experience in academic and business environments.


Marino Martinez

Design, culture and society. Aesthetics. Design and communication
He holds a PhD in Philosophy, a BA in Social Action and Sociology, Certificate as Senior Technician in Prevention of occupational risks, President of the Aragonese Association of Ergonomics and Psycho-sociology, Researcher at Grupo Dersa and Professor at the University of Zaragoza and HC.


Carlos Romero

Basic Projects 
Designer of Services with a holistic vision that collaborates in the development of several design projects. He is a professor and researcher of user experience of design products and services at the University of Zaragoza.


Andrea Rubio

Patronage. Dressmaking workshop. Projects. Digital technology applied to fashion design
Andrea is passionate about fashion design from a very early age. Shes is an architect and a pattern designer, joining two worlds seemingly apart but with many connections in her opinion. She has a long work history that grants her a deep understanding of the overall fashion process and the current needs of the fashion and manufacturing industry.


Victoria Trasobares

Latest fashion trends. History of Textiles and Clothing
Victoria holds a Degree in Art History of and a Master in Creation Management and Artistic heritage. She combines work in Cultural Management  with teaching at university environments in the fields of art history, aesthetics, iconography and image analysis of the, methodologies for art management design and cultural heritage. She is also life-time researcher in sustainable development and cultural engineering. www.victoriae.es


Raúl Ursua

Computer media applied to communication. Art -based design
He holds a PhD in Fine Arts (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Masters degree in Graphic Design. He has directed several projects for IED Madrid and in 2007 was nominated for the LAUS awards to the best cover of editorial design (DXI magazine ). He combines his teaching with personal projects. In 2014 he exhibited his work at the Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture (IAACC) Pablo Serrano.