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Information on application and admission as incoming erasmus students at HAC_R

Once you have been selected to participate in the Erasmus programme by your home institution, you should send the application form to HAC_R together with your CV, motivation letter, portfolio of works and Transcript of records

All the documents will be sent to:

Within a couple of weeks, you will receive the confirmation of your acceptance/refusal as a student at HAC_R.
In case you are accepted, you will work with your institution and HAC_R to generate your Learning Agreement with OLA before the academic term stats.


Applications for the first term or the whole year should be sent before May 31st. If your chosen period of stay is the second term, the deadline is November 15th

Documents to be sent are:

  1. Application form
  2. Portfolio of works
  3. Motivation letter
  4. Transcript of grad
  5. ID/Passport

Study plan

HAC_R offers BA degrees in Design (4-year plans) in 2 different fields: Fashion and Graphic Design.

You can check further information about the study plan for each BA below

  1. BA in Fashion Design Syllabus
  2. Ba in Graphic Design Syllabus


HAC_R unfortunately have accommodation service available. However, once you are accepted as incoming student, you will receive recommendations for accommodations from our staff.

Languaje competences

At HAC R all classes are taught in Spanish, therefore it is recommended for students to be familiarized with the language before coming.

Academic calendar

The academic year is divided into two terms. The first term goes from the beginning of September to the end of Mid-February and the second term goes from the Mid-February to the Mid-June.

There is also a period of extraordinary exams in September.

Health insurance

Students from European Union member states should also be holders of the European Health Insurance Card that is the document required if you need medical assistance during your stay.
European Health Insurance Card

Otherwise, you should have a personal insurance that covers your


Students coming from EU countries don’t need VISA.

For non-EU students please contact us.


For further assistance please contact:

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